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Presentation Powerpoint Deck

Web Analytics in Higher Education presentation (PDF) from CUPRAP 2012 Hershey.

Custom Reports

Key Metrics for Campaigns
This report includes all the key metrics for a campaign including a drill down to the keyword dimension.
Key Metrics for Campaigns – by Geographic Region
With this report, click on a campaign and drill into geographic area.

Automatically Tracking Events

Brian Clifton created a fantastic script that not only automatically tracks outbound links as events, but does a ton more great stuff including tracks downloads, mailto’s, etc. as well as gives you the ability to manipulate bounce rate calculation. Check it out: Automatically track outbound links and downloads in Google Analytics.
If you’re using Drupal or WordPress, check for plugins that also track outbounds and downloads automatically. They definitely exist.

Resources for Tracking Goals as Events (New Version GA)

What I’m most excited about with the new version of Google Analytics is the ability to track events as goals. There are a couple limitations right now. For example, when beta first launched you could use regular expressions to combine any type of events into one goal. For some reason it looks like they took that option away and left only the typical. Check out these resources that explain exactly how to set up events as goals.

Other Ways to Track Off-Site Conversions

There are other ways to track off-site conversions (not just tracking events). If you are able to use your tracking code on the “thank you” page of the application, whether it is on another sub-domain at your university or off your domain completely, you should do that first. Tracking the “thank you” page or the onSubmit is definitely a more realistic number than the off-site clicks. Sometimes, however, it just can’t be done so off-site clicks are all we can measure.

Here are some resources if you’re able to put your tracking code on the “thank you” page of either another site within your university sub-domain or another domain altogether:

Showing Economic Value

In the presentation I went over very briefly the importance of assigning economic value to certain goals throughout your website. Here is some reading on how to do that:

Important Books and Further Reading

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, third edition (available March 19th).
By Brian Clifton

Brian’s book is fantastic. If you use Google Analytics to track user behavior on your site, this book is a must. Learn advanced techniques as well as implementation fundamentals. The third edition has completed updated content for the new version of Google Analytics. Get deep insight into all the new features including multi-channel funnels, etc. Brian also has a great blog called Measuring Success that is a companion to the book. Order his book starting March 19th.

Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity
By Avanish Kaushik

Avanish’s book is incredible because it speaks to both the everyday analyst as well as the super-geek hardcare analyst. If you’re serious (or even just semi-serious) about web analytics and you haven’t read this book. Order his book now.

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