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5 Segments to Help You Gain Insights

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

I’ve written about segmentation in the past, but I still don’t think we give it the importance it deserves. There are so many valuable insights you can gain from using segmentation. Even more important, if you are only looking at your data in aggregate, without segmenting it, you can be making decisions based on misleading information.

Take this example – let’s say you open up your analytics tool and see that, on average, users view 5 pages per visit. Ok, pretty good. You take note and move on.  But if you used segmentation, you might see that the pages per visit is completely different depending on the type of user. Let’ say on average:

  • IE users view 7 pages per visit
  • Firefox users view 4 pages per visit
  • Chrome users view 2 pages per visit
  • Mobile users only view 1 page per visit
  • Campaign A users only view 1 page per visit

Of course these are made up numbers, but you get my point. Doesn’t this tell you much more? My site doesn’t seem to render well on mobile devices and campaign A needs a good look.

The fact that my site averages 5 pages per visit actually tells me absolutely nothing.

This is why segmentation is essential. Averages are misleading.