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Measuring Student Blog Success

Monday, January 5th, 2009

A couple weeks ago there was a brief conversation on Twitter about how to measure the success of student blogs. This is an interesting discussion because blogs are different than normal websites.

The goal for most blogs is interaction (on every single page, usually) – not so with traditional websites like your university website (again, usually). This makes measuring success and analytics for blogs a bit different. Looking at visitor rate, bounce rate, path analysis for blogs is either a waste of time or not enough. Let me explain.

Analytics for the Intranet

Friday, August 15th, 2008

In this post, instead of talking about specific reports that will help track a department or unit Intranet, I will be focusing on how Intranets differ from most public-facing websites and how you look at your analytics will also be different.

Department Intranets are very different from your public-facing sites. For one thing, most of them are behind some type of authentication, which can add some complexity. Some intranets may also include AJAX or other types of technology that are not the standard static html pages.