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Oct 08 2008

Why the CNN tracking bar is stupid

Did you watch the second presidential debate tonight and happen to watch it on CNN? You may have noticed the bar at the bottom of the screen. They did the same thing in the previous two debates (presidential and vice presidential).

If you missed it, CNN put 25 people (1/3 registered republican, 1/3 registered democrat, 1/3 registered independent) in a room and gave them the ability to rate, in real-time, how the speaker is making them feel at that specific moment.
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Jul 29 2008

Let the Posts Begin

Today Cole Camplese announced his goal of writing one post per day (weekdays only) for the entire month of August. What a great challenge! Consider me on board!

Since first impressions are always the most important (especially on the web!), and since this is a new blog, it’s a perfect time to truly think about content and try to get some good conversations started.

Discussion themes for August? Let’s see …
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