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When Policies Become a Maintenance Nightmare

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

For those of us that work at large universities (with a lot of different sub-domains – or Web sites – handled by a lot of different entities within the university), there seems to be a problem with duplicate policy information on different sub-domains (or areas within the larger university Web site). 

This issue is always brought up at semester-or-fiscal-year-end because it’s the time that a lot of policies change.

Case in point – we recently changed a policy university-wide. A communication went out from the university to change the policy on individual college or unit Web sites.

Just for kicks, I ran a quick check for the policy on our university internal site search to see how many places the policy showed up. 1,119 internal pages (most at different internal Web sites or sub-domains) contain the name of the policy. Granted, some of those probably link directly to the main university page that contains the policy. What I found, though, is that a *lot* don’t.