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On Link Styles – Are We Regressing?

Monday, November 16th, 2009

This will be a short post, as I’ve written about link styles before, specifically about how using underlined links in body text is still a best practice. If underlining is out of the question, then at least use a color that is in complete contrast to the text color. Why am I bringing this up again? I happened to be browsing some higher ed sites earlier this afternoon and I couldn’t help but notice that the trend seems to be getting worse, not better. Why?

Is it that we’re spending so much time focused on more complex user-friendliness issues (ie., can users navigate the site, is our online application usable, etc) that it’s almost like we’ve forgotten one of the fundamentals?

Dressing up link text with hover styles does nothing for the scanning eye. Finding what words are links on a website shouldn’t be an easter egg hunt. We should know *immediately* when we glance at a page that a word or phrase is a link, not after we move the mouse over it.