Let the Posts Begin

Today Cole Camplese announced his goal of writing one post per day (weekdays only) for the entire month of August. What a great challenge! Consider me on board!

Since first impressions are always the most important (especially on the web!), and since this is a new blog, it’s a perfect time to truly think about content and try to get some good conversations started.

Discussion themes for August? Let’s see …

  1. What is website analytics? What *isn’t* it (or what should it *not* be)?
  2. What types of analytics packages are there out there and what are some pros and cons of each?
  3. What are the challenges higher education sites face when talking about usability and web analytics?
  4. Usability and analytics going hand-in-hand.
  5. The importance of website goals for usability.
  6. How business and website goals should directly tie into your analytics strategy.

I’m sure that list will get tweaked over the next few days.

… and the posts begin …


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